Hi! You've reached Acoustic Labs Software, the now defunct audio software company solely founded, developed and operated by me in the late 1990's and early/mid 2000's; entirely from code I wrote from scratch in my modest (crash pad / audio lab) apartment staying up waaaaaay too late waaaaaay too many nights doing so, but ultimately resulting in software that thousands around the world enjoyed using to make music and record, mix and edit various audio projects. Some past customer feedback can be found below.

For questions you might have, info why we no longer exist, and more, please see the FAQ below. No worries for existing users, support will remain as good as ever. Feel free to email me at tmdarwen@acoustic-labs.com and I'll be happy to assist.

Also, I really want to thank all the people from around the world that purchased my software over the years. Making software is a lot of fun. Making software that thousands of people around the world use, to make all kinds of different music and audio projects with, is well beyond a lot of fun. That of course would not have been possible without you, the users.

Acoustic Labs Software was successful beyond what I would've imagined when first creating audio software back in the late 1990s. The enjoyment I've gotten over the years of hearing positive feedback from countless users has been priceless.

Thanks, and all the best,
Terence Darwen
Acoustic Labs Software, LLC

Q: I've purchased your software in the past but have lost it and need a new download link?
A: No problem. MyCommerce.com (the third party payment service we've used forever) will have a record of your order. Using your original order information you'll be able to get a new download link. If you run into any problems, just let me know: tmdarwen@acoustic-labs.com.

Q: What was Acoustic Labs Software?
A: Acoustic Labs Software was an audio recording, editing and mixing software company I started in the early 2000s. It originally grew out of audio software I started developing in the late 1990s. I created my first real product (the Acoustic Labs Mixer) in 2001 and had some success with it. My passion for creating audio software continued to grow after this. From late 2004 to early 2008 Acoustic Labs Software was my fulltime occupation. We created and sold three different software applications (see past products below). We had thousands of users around the world. Checkout some of the past customer feedback below.

Q: Your audio recording, editing and mixing software is awesome, why deprive the world of it?
A: A couple of things: First, there are only so many hours in a day and I want to focus on other interests. If interested in what these are, feel free to checkout my site here: tmdarwen.com. Second, over the two decades since starting to make audio software in the late 1990s, the audio recording, editing and mixing software industry has exploded in growth. There's *so* much good software out there (that can do everything you want and more) for such affordable prices (often even free). For me, it's just not as exciting an industry as it once was.

Q: Since you no longer make/sell audio editing software can you recommend a product?
A: Yes, and standard disclaimer, I'm not receiving compensation in any way for these recommendations, these are just my personal preferences. For audio editing, I'd first check out Audacity and see if it meets your needs - it's free. If not, you might want to check out web-based solutions. I have limited experience with these but they're frequently free, easy-to-use and don't require installing software. Here's one: https://twistedwave.com/online/. If you're looking for something higher end I'd suggest taking a look at Adobe Audition.

Q: Since you no longer make/sell multirack recording, editing or mixing software can you recommend a product?
A: There are many options. Personally, I like Reaper. It's powerful, easy to use and affordable. However, if you run Mac OS, definitely try out GarageBand. Are you a Linux user? If so, I'd try Ardour. For a web-based solution, I've played around with AudioTool at audiotool.com. It was intuitive and easy to use. If you're looking for something more interactive check out Ableton, similarly, though I haven't used it yet, I hear people talking very positively about Bitwig. If you need something more powerful and professional there are of course the industry standard DAWs: Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and others. Standard disclaimer: These are just my personal opinions and I'm not receiving any sort of financial incentive (or other incentive) for my recommendations.

Q: I appreciate the recommendations but I really want to purchase <insert Acoustic Labs Software title here>. Please!?
A: First, I'd urge you to try some of the recommendations above - some really great software, with some really great communities to help with support and doing pretty much any kind of awesome audio project you're interested in. If for some reason you still think you need to be using software I've created (mind you years ago now and without updates) send me an email (tmdarwen@acoustic-labs.com) and we'll discuss it.

Past Products:

The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder
The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder was based on our original, popular product the Acoustic Labs Mixer. It was a powerful, yet easy-to-use, multitrack recorder. The design was similar to the classic four/eight track portable recording devices popular in the 80's and 90's, yet in software form.

The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus
The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus was a more advanced multitrack recorder released in 2006. It consisted of features like tempo and pitch shifting, and allowing for easily incorporating audio loops into compositions. The enhancements it contained, compared to the Multitrack Recorder, frequently came from requests from users of our Multitrack Recorder.

The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor
The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor was a powerful, yet easy-to-use, audio file recorder and editor. At the time it was released (2004) there weren't a lot of great audio editors out there that were highly intuitive, easy to use, but still powerful. That was our aim with this product.

Past Customer Feedback

  • Michael (Sweden): "...I have used the program since the release and it's the best recording software that I have ever tried. Thanks to you all at Acoustic Labs! Keep up the good work"

  • Eric (Ohio): "Downloaded the Multitrack Plus this weekend and have already put a track together with it...FANTASTIC!! ...Excellent product."

  • Rick (United Kingdom): "I have been searching the net for about 3 hours and downloaded around 4 recorders and found the Multitrack Plus to be one of the best with regards to price point, layout/design and function."

  • Scott (Illinois): "I use your product regularly and love how well it works and how easy it is to use"

  • Lachlan (Victoria, Australia): "I have downloaded your Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder which I think is the greatest!! I've searched the internet long and hard and found no multitrack recorder that comes close to you guys."

  • John (United Kingdom): "All our songs are now recorded using the Multitrack Recorder."

  • Cliff (Texas): "... the editing functions I have done with this software work real slick, simple and easy to use. Exactly what I need."

  • Jason (California): "I just want to say the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder is really awesome, its very easy to use."

  • Jeff (Indiana): "I've been thrilled with the product. Thanks, Acoustic Labs!"

  • Jan (Queensland, Bahamas): "Hello, I have recently downloaded a copy of your Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder off of C-NET.com, and I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for someone who finally put some time into their software....."

  • Bill (Arkansas): "It's the only one, out of all of the multitrack software I found, that I have been able to do anything with. It's a great product."

  • Cyndi (United Kingdom): "It is a very good programme the sound quality is great."

  • Shawn (New York): "Thank you, thank you, thank you!... I went ahead and purchased the program...can't live w/out it now!"

  • Keith (Illinois): "...the software is great."

  • Michael (Texas): "...this is a great editing package..."

  • Eric (Washington): "...your software is very easy to use. The precise, fraction-of-a-second editing capability is great!"

  • Al (South Africa): "I have downloaded the software and it works excellently."

  • Tony (California): "Your software works GREAT! Thanks again for your great help..."

  • Paul (New York): "...a superb product"

  • Merv (Canada): "I really have enjoyed this program."

  • Guy (United Kingdom): "I recently purchased your excellent audio editing program and have been very pleased with it."

  • Ronald (California): "Great Software!!. Thanks!"

  • Rod (Canada): "I think your product is excellent..."

  • Steven (Ohio): "I love your program."

  • Paul (Arizona): "Thanks for your reply and the great product!"

  • Dave (New York): "I purchased the Acoustic Labs Editor and... had great success with it."

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