acoustic labs multitrack recorder
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A metronome is a device that marks exact time with a ticking sound or a beat. For example, a clock that makes a ticking sound every second could be used as a metronome with a tempo of 60 beats per minute (BPMs). However, with an actual metronome the user is able to set the tempo to whichever BPM setting suits their need. Musicians use a metronome to keep proper beat at a very specific tempo. The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder is equipped with a built in metronome which can be accessed via the pulldown menu system (visual aid item #1) by selecting "Settings" and then selecting "Metronome Settings". After doing so, you will see the Metronome Dialog Box appear. This section describes each feature of the Metronome in detail.

  • Metronome Status and Time Signature
  • Metronome Beat Type
  • Metronome Tempo and Volume

  • Metronome Status and Time Signature

    The Metronome Status (visual aid item #1) controls whether or not the metronome will be used during recording. The Metronome Time Signature (visual aid item #2) controls what time signature setting the metronome will playback in. The user is given the choice of the two most used time signatures, 4/4 and 3/4 timing, as well as having the option to set no time signature.

    Metronome Beat Type

    The type of beat used for the metronome can be set in the Metronome Beat Type options (visual aid item #3). There are two general options: a typical drum machine type beat of a bass drum, snare and hi-hat cymbal or the user can choose the side stick beat that mimics the familiar type of clicking sound that is common with most metronomes. Many people find that it is easier to keep rhythm with a beat, therefore we incorporated the drum machine type beat into the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder.

    Metronome Tempo and Volume

    The Metronome Tempo can be set under the Metronome Beat Settings option (visual aid item #5). The tempo is set in units of beats per minute (BPM) which can range from 20 to 260. This range covers virtually any musical tempo. When using the metronome with a time signature of 3/4 or 4/4 many users find it easier to keep time if the first beat is accented or played slightly louder than the other beats. This option can be selected by checking the "Accent the first beat" checkbox (visual aid item #4).

    The volume level of the metronome can be set using the "Overall Volume Level" slider (visual aid item #6). This slider works very similarly to the level sliders for each track (visual aid item #25 and #26). The volume level for this setting is in units of decibels and ranges from -50 to 10. A setting of 0 is no change - the metronome will playback at it's default volume. Increasing the value will increase the volume level and decreasing the value into the negative range will decrease the volume level.